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We believe that providing early care and providing the senior and family with what they need, is the best approach when caring for those with life changing illness and the emotional support for both patient and family.

Occasionally, seniors in the hospital have a need for longer recovery due to their age, illness, multiple injuries, dementia, medical complications and care needs that cannot be met at home. The unique medical and non-medical needs of these types of patients require more focused care combined with more hands on approach that focuses on the whole person that does not require an in-patient stay at the hospital. Every situation and every senior is unique.

Care Pathways Program

Our programs and services have been designed to fit in the continuum of health care for those patients needing long term care placement. We are a professional organization founded in 1999 by Social Workers.

We believe that providing early intervention and a professional approach can determine how well a senior does after discharge from the hospital. Follow-up care and monitoring is key to preventing readmission to hospital. As well as a decrease in falls and fractures. Medication monitoring and follow-up care with primary care and or specialists, oxygen, catheter care and many other issues are addressed in the on-going care of seniors. All resources are focused on the patient, giving them what they need when they need it.

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