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This web site offers free information and personal assistance for people dealing with macular degeneration and similar retinal diseases. If you are new to macular degeneration, you may want to start by reading What Is Macular Degeneration? and following the links to further information.

Visual loss can occur at any age, however while you may have the support of your doctor many questions go unanswered. This site offers valuable information and tools to help support you both in finding resources and to connect with others who are also going through loss of vision. It has been a lifeline for many. I encourage you to visit and you can also ask questions that you or a loved one may have.

Living A Life of Integrity

Living A Life of Integrity
A person who has integrity lives his or her values in relationships with all people. Honesty and trust are central to integrity. Acting with honor and truthfulness are also basic tenets in a person with integrity

People who demonstrate integrity draw others to them because they are trustworthy and dependable. They are principled and can be counted on to behave in honorable ways even when no one is watching .

Integrity is another fundamental value that you recognize when you see it in the behavior of those who we trust and call friends and family. It may not seem like it at first blush, but living with integrity is easier than living a deceitful life. Living with integrity brings wholeness and peace. Your conscience can rest easy, and you can look at yourself in the mirror and always say I did the right thing. Even when doing the right thing may be painful.

Informational Age

Senior Referral Agency

Care Pathways


In this day of informational age we are better connected and able to obtain referrals and service at the tips of our fingers. Or are we?

While it is true we now how more information than we can handle at times, the personal touch of human contact seems to be receding faster everyday. I don’t feel this a good thing as humans we need to feel that when we reach out for help there will be someone there at the other end of the line to answer questions. It goes much further than that to have compassion and understanding of a personal situation and one on one communication to understand what you as a family member may be going through with a parent or loved one. This personal contact cannot be found through a website, google or social media. People need people.

When Care Pathways was founded in 1999 it was and still is till this day and will always remain a beacon of light for seniors and families who are in need of human one on one contact and information that is up to date as well as reviews that cannot be found on a computer or through a generated data base. We only provide services for persons living in Orange County and surrounding areas as well as social workers who are knowledgeable and are not called Care Counselors we are social workers, case managers with a wealth of information and hold degrees in social work and RN’s.

We are as our name states Care and we provide Pathways to many services that have been vetted and approved by not only social service agencies but also that meet the guidelines we require to exceed in senior care services. 


Happy New Year

Happy New Year, new day, and new programs that only Care Pathways will be offering to Orange County this year.

Our senior population and the needs are great and with that said we continue to provide the services and dedication based upon compassion, care and an commitment to serve. It will be 17 years soon that we began Care Pathways. Born out of a need for better care and a vision to provide that care and time to seniors and families in need and I am happy to say we have fulfilled our Mission. May God bless each and every person in need to find the answers they need in the coming year.

Mary Kay Evans
Director Social Services

We are only five days away from Christmas 2015



 We are only five days away from Christmas 2015, can you believe how fast time has gone by? So many memories fill my mind as I set and write this post on how very thankful I am for all the people who have touched our lives this year. There are not words to say how special each one of you are that have been added to our family of care your own unique talents to help us all reach out to those in need.

It has has always been my though that by helping others, we truly help ourselves in some ways. The stories of hardship and quality of life for seniors has been my lives work and by helping others I too have gained insight and wisdom into how to stand up and be counted by being present and using my voice to advocate for the frail elderly. At no other time of the year do we feel and see this so acutely with seniors who are struggling to find good quality of care and compassion with their situation. I see many who are on the verge of being homeless or already are and we search for ways to find answers and solutions. It is heart breaking when we find that resources are not there to fund the care seniors need. In this great country we live in how can we leave seniors living on the streets? 

In a time when life should be made eased for some seniors, it is made harder by having no home. Our communities do help, however far to little attention is paid to the real problems of affordable care for persons living on a fixed income. With the prices of food, shelter and medication it has made it impossible to pay for the care. And so I ask you, our local communities to reach out and help with solutions to this problem. Care Pathways will continue to support the growing needs of seniors and families but it takes a whole community to get the work done.

Thank you to our partners and the many social workers and case managers and physicians who have made a difference this year. Without your support many more seniors would be homeless.

 To the facilities that support our seniors we wish you a blessed Christmas and thank each one of you for working to care for the frail and elderly. Lets make a commitment for 2016 to not only continue but to do more in whatever way you can. All count, make no mistake what we give we receive back. 

So as we close out this year it is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank each of you for doing your part to make a difference in others lives.

God Bless each and everyone and Merry Christmas




Community Programs Orange County


Orange County Resource

Office On Aging


Community Programs Orange County

Cal Fresh Program (Food Stamps)
The CalFresh Program, federally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), can add to your food budget to put healthy and nutritious food on the table. The program issues monthly electronic benefits that can be used to buy most foods at many markets and food stores.
The CalFresh Program helps to improve the health and well-being of qualified households and individuals by providing them a means to meet their nutritional needs. To find out how to apply for benefits in your county, please call the toll free number 1-877-847-3663

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

Phone: 714-825-3000, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

Orange Social Services Agency In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS). IHSS includes a wide range of services to meet individual needs and assist eligible persons with disabilities live safely at home. IHSS recipients must meet the program’s eligibility requirements to qualify for IHSS. Call for more information.
Medi-Cal Benefits
If you are 65-years old or older, and/or a person with a disability, you may qualify for free or low-cost health care coverage through the Medi-Cal Program. Examples of services that might be covered through Medi-Cal include: comprehensive preventative care services; primary and/or specialty care medical office visits; vision and dental care; mental health services; hospitalization: and, prescription medications. Apply during business hours Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm at 1-800-281-9799
Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Reporting
The abuse of elders and dependent adults occurs at all income levels and in every city in Orange County. An elder is a person of age 65 or older. A dependent adult is a person between the ages of 18 and 64 with physical, mental, or developmental disabilities. The full scope of elder and dependent abuse is limited due to the problem’s hidden and complex nature. Over 225,000 Californians become victims each year, but experts believe the problem to be much larger. Victims often remain silent because they fear retaliation from their abusers. Many times victims remain unnoticed and untreated because they are isolated.
Whether you are a victim or suspect the abuse of someone you know, you are not alone when seeking help!
Call Orange County Adult Protective Services 800-451-5155 (24-hour hotline)

Community Transitions Program
CCT program provides people with disabilities—of all ages and from all walks of life—with the knowledge and resources to help them move from institutionalized care and back into the community.
You or a loved one may qualify if you…
• Are receiving Medi-Cal
• Live in a Medi-Cal paid inpatient facility for at least 90 days before you
move back home
• Want to return to community living
How To Access Services: Just call (714) 621-3300

Thanks and Giving




Thanks and Giving means to be thankful for all that we have and all that we can give back. The meaning of this season is spending time with family and friends. From our family to yours, Care Pathways wish’s you a time to be together and making new memories with those we love. I urge you to reach out in your community to seniors who are alone and invite them for dinner or take over dinner to them if they are home bound. It takes so little to help others and in doing so we help ourselves to. God Bless all seniors and families and Happy Thanksgiving.

Mary Kay Evans Director Social Services


If we do not take care of Elderly who will?



If we do not take care of elderly who will? We must step up and step out in our cities, towns and neighborhoods and do what is necessary to see to it that the frail elderly have a home. Did you know we log many calls weekly from seniors who are facing being homeless, or already are? Do you know what it feels like to call shelter after shelter to find there are no beds available to house them? That rent in ‪#‎Orangecounty‬ is beyond what they can pay on a fixed income? That our system is broken and no seems to be ina hurry to fix it. Social Workers and case mangers know we see it daily in our work. We look for creative solutions to get a bed for a senior somewhere and sometimes we are successful and sometimes we are not. Turning people away has never and will never be something I can do but I am limited on what our system allows us to do. Our system is broken badly and we all must do what we cab to fix it. What if it was your Mother or Father?

Seniors and Holidays

Senior Referral Agency

Care Pathways

When the cooler weather arrives our thoughts turn to the holidays, family and spending time with those we love. I have found so many fond memories myself of times gone by and gatherings with friends, family and the people we love. But there is also another side to this time of year for many. Being alone, depression and anxiety that is brought on by living in isolation. You see many seniors today have little or no family to spend this time with, or have suffered the loss of a spouse or health concerns that the Holidays can be a reminder of all that is past. When seniors who live alone or have begun to isolate the toll can be great.

So what can be done in our community to help seniors that live on their own and have little or no family present to visit with? We have a program that fills the needs of seniors at the Holiday time where we visit, bake cookies, pies, bring special care packages and just set and spend some time with seniors that live alone, we plant seeds of care and compassion and follow up with other community resources that a senior may need. There is much work to be done this year. We are at present making our lists of seniors who are in need. If you would like more information on our Paths to Care program please contact us. We are here to help and here to listen. 


Senior Hero Awards


I would like to thank the Senior Hero awards for their nomination for Social Worker of the year and for being in the finals. It is an honor and a privilege to  work with the seniors and families whose lives have touched mine through the years. I also wish to thank Dr. Frank Amato for his support and dedication to the many lives he has given his whole life too.

Please support this program that provides meals to so many seniors in need.


SeniorServ prepares and delivers three meals daily directly to the home of homebound, frail, socially isolated seniors living in central, and north Orange County. Click here to download brochure

A registered dietician plans the meals to provide 100% of the U.S. Nutritional Recommended Daily Allowance – consisting of a cold breakfast, a frozen lunch and dinner.  The  program is more that just a meal.  In addition to meals, clients benefit from the daily contact of delivery drivers, as well as the calls and visits from our case management team who regularly check on their well-being.

Again thank you

Mary Kay Evans Director Social Services Care Pathways


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