Assisted-suicide bill approved by California


9/9/2015   Care News


 The measure, which would allow doctors to prescribe medication to some terminally ill patients to end their lives if taken, passed 43-34 after weeks of hearings and passionate debate.

Under the bill, which was pulled for lack of support in July but reintroduced last month as part of a special legislative session to deal with healthcare issues, two doctors would have to attest that a patient had only six months to live before the medication could be prescribed.

The bill makes it a felony to coerce or trick someone into taking the medication, or to force it on someone. Patients who are not mentally competent would not be allowed to receive a prescription.

It now goes back to the Senate, where it is expected to pass. The legislature is required to pass regular session bills by midnight on Friday, although lawmakers may opt to stay longer to handle special session measures.

As a social worker I am not in agreement of this. I see many issues with persons that are suffering from depression and having an impact on this decision. I saw nothing in this bill where a mental health evaluation is done prior to making this decision.

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