July 30, 2015 Mary Kay Evans

The Lessons Learned from Lace Handkerchiefs



The Lessons Learned from Lace Handkerchiefs
(In Memory of my Grandmother Mary Walker)

Growing up my grandmother lived with us and our extended family. She inspired, encouraged and loved the grandchildren always teaching us by example. She had polio as an adult and it left her with a limp and one foot that was contracted. But she never let her disability slow her down.

I can remember setting with her when she would come in from the garden with green beans and we would set together and snap them to cook and to can later. The lessons she taught me while doing this chore was one of many life lessons. She would talk to me about the state of affairs in the world, how blessed we were to have our home and food to eat. That we should never turn anyone away without first giving to them a bit of something, be it food, money, advice or a warm hug.

I am very fortunate to have known and learned immeasurable wisdom from my grandmother. During the Depression days, money was in short supply, so my grandmother learned the value of a dollar as well as making do with what you have. And that good things are worth waiting for.

She always carried beautiful lace handkerchiefs and would put coins in the center and tie them up for the grand kids to find as a reward for something we had done well. It’s a memory I will always cherish of my grandmother Mary, yes I was named for her. I wish she had lived a longer life she left us when I was only eleven years old. But the memories live on and as I pass the lace handkerchiefs to my own grand children, I will make sure their are coins inside to remind them of her. MK

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